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Considering Hosting Women’s Circles? (Here are some top tips)

Welcome sister,

This is a section taken from my book 'Reclaiming Circle - A Guide for holding Women's Circles" - available to purchase as a PDF or paperback.

Reclaiming Circle is a courageous act, honoring the sacred red thread that runs through us all, connecting us as daughters of the earth. It is a recognition of our collective journey—from the weight of past oppressions to the reservoirs of ancient wisdom within us.

By Reclaiming Circle, we gather to heal, strengthen, and remind one another of the light within, weaving together the stories and experiences that shape our lives. It is a celebration of our interconnectedness, a remembrance of the strength that arises when we stand together in sisterhood, and an invocation for restoring balance and harmony in ourselves and on earth.

I hope you find inspiration and guidance for holding circles that will create a nourishing space for you and your tribe. Holding circle is not just about the logistics and techniques; it's about holding the intention to create a safe and welcoming space where all can connect, heal, and grow together.

Here are a few reminders and insights to keep in mind:

Embrace your journey: Remember that you are on your unique journey. Allow yourself to be open to learning and evolving as a facilitator. Embrace your vulnerabilities and experiences, as they will contribute to your ability to hold space for others.

Hold the intention to hold a safe and welcoming space: Focus on creating an environment where everyone's voices are heard and respected. Role model and celebrate vulnerability, compassion, and authenticity for all to express their true selves, free from masks or expectations.

Trust the process: Trust that each woman who joins your circle is exactly where she needs to be on her journey. Trust in the wisdom of the collective and the power of shared experiences. Be patient and allow the process to unfold naturally.

Practice self-care and set healthy boundaries: Hosting circles can be emotionally demanding. Prioritize self-care and set healthy boundaries for yourself; remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Go beyond expectations: Circles are organic and ever-evolving; navigating imperfections and challenges will strengthen you as a host. Embrace the messy and unpredictable aspects—they often hold the most valuable lessons and growth opportunities.

Continuously learn and grow: Approach your role as a facilitator with curiosity and openness to learning. Stay receptive to new perspectives and refine your skills as you gain experience.

Honour the circle's sacredness: Treat each gathering with reverence and respect. Infuse rituals, ceremonies, and meaningful practices that honor the circle's purpose and the women participating.

Welcome again, dear sister. You are exactly where you need to be; all will unfold in divine time.

If you would like to hear the depth of the Reclaiming Circle Book in audio we have it as a course here. Also, I would love to sit with you in our virtual circle RSVP below.

With love,


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