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This container is a living entity in itself that will share with you information and practices to inspire and nourish you. Each week we will choose a pillar of exploration:​

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  • Body literacy: When we understand the physical body and all of its glorious functions, we can take responsibility for our health and play an active role in its healing and growth. To observe, to learn, to understand and interpret our menstrual cycles, helps us to reclaim the wisdom of our body. This doesn't end at our cycle, we will re-educate ourselves on the female body so we can support her on her life journey.

  • Embodiment practice: Through conscious movement practice we can remember the natural flow our female bodies are calling for. In a world filled with movement for male bodies, it’s time to take charge and learn the language of our body. As we do, we become stronger and more flexible to live in harmony with the flow of life.

  • Medicine woman: Women who understand and cultivate a relationship with nature can heal themselves, their families and the earth. We will join to explore plant medicine and how we can use it in our lives as an ally. We will also talk about nourishing foods that serve women at different phases of their cycle and phases of life.

  • Rewilding: This is a time to explore what we have been taught by our society, family and friends. The things we have been told to be 'best practice' for a woman. From wearing high heel shoes to watching porn to birthing in a hospital. This is a space for mature, conscious discussions.

  • Weaving together: Our past lives within our body. When we can sit with all that is present we can transmute it. These circles will explore things such as ancestral healing, inner child wounds, and reclamations of rites of passage.

  • Radical  rest: Let’s be honest, rest does not come naturally to many women. And I am not talking about collapsing at the end of the day. I am talking about quality nourishing rest throughout the day. Resting is so important for healing, growth, and integration. This may look like yoga nidra, energy healing, or meditation....

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