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Energy Healing: A Free and Simple Way to Come Back to the Heart

In 2019, I met my partner, Ilan, in Guatemala at Lake Atitlan, San Marcos. I didn't realize the depth of his gifts until he guided me through challenging transitions—leaving my business and home to embrace a different life, after discovering I was pregnant six months after meeting him. He introduced me to a practice of energy healing, a wisdom that had come to him during his own awakening—a guidance on aligning his being harmoniously with his heart's expression.

Join us on January 7th for a subtle energy release practice.

Learning from him was eye-opening. I had trained as a Reiki practitioner, yet his teachings far surpassed anything I'd encountered in energy work. Understanding the concept was one thing, but putting it into practice was a challenge. I distinctly remember fleeing down a Toronto street, evading his encouragement to embrace and hold space for everything within me. It struck me—I'd spent a lifetime running, distracting, and striving for 'success' in a world that values productivity.

That day, fleeing 'him' I was actually fleeing from myself. Exhausted, alone, and bewildered, a question sang in my heart: "What if I stayed?" Fortunately, Ilan, a remarkable teacher and compassionate human, trusted that even if I stumbled and spiraled, I'd return and try again.

I discovered that embracing everything with compassion and curiosity, allowed me to create space when triggered, giving me a chance to make a choice that aligned with my heart. For me, I often spent many moments on the bathroom floor, wondering, "What have I said? What have I done?" "What is this life?"

Delving deeper into this practice, I began to experience the space between the trigger and expression. I learned the language of my body more deeply, sensing it as a call to slow down and listen. This practice reignites a connection with the body, transcending the mind's thoughts and beliefs to realign with inner truth. It's a practice rooted in trust and surrender.

At times, my mind would argue against the practice—“Fix this NOW,” or “This isn’t fair,” or “I am so heartbroken”... an endless list. But as I sat with these emotions—energy in motion—and felt their vibrations, my mind quieted, allowing my body to speak a language unknown to the mind. It opened a door to my heart, where all I needed to know was revealed.

This journey can take time, as our inner protectors shield our vulnerable selves. Even with new pains, like my brother’s death by suicide this year, I had to train myself to create space between trigger and expression. How did I do this? By revisiting the event, practicing energy healing, and asking, “What am I afraid of?” In one instance, triggered by a conversation about my brother, I heard my fear, "I am afraid he will be forgotten." But in that moment, I gently reassured myself, "Love is never forgotten; the heart always remembers, even when the mind falters."

In essence, this journey is not about erasing anything; it's about embracing it all, witnessing with love, and welcoming the courage to deeply feel.

Join us on January 7th for a subtle energy release practice.



PS, Ilan the founder of Evolving Humans offers a course with over 100 videos, it's amazing and I am not saying it because I am madly in love with him.

Here's his work in action, Ilan spent many years working in labs to research what was happening during his sessions.

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