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Menstruation Revolution


The Menstruation Revolution program has been designed to provide you with essential knowledge and understanding about menstruation, menarche (the onset of menstruation), and the energetics of your menstrual cycle. Reclaiming Menarche: This component of the program focuses on embracing and celebrating menarche, which is a significant rite of passage, shaping our life path. Menstrual Cycle 101: Menstrual Cycle 101 provides you with a foundational physiological understanding of the menstrual cycle, its stages, and hormonal fluctuations. Fertility Awareness Method: Gain insights into fertility awareness-based methods, including basal body temperature tracking, cervical mucus observation, and cervical position. Menstrual Cycle Awareness Method: Develop a deeper connection with your body and menstrual cycles. Learn to recognize and honor the different phases of your menstrual cycle.

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