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Remembering How to Hold Space for Your Inner World

Hey there, beautiful soul,

Have you ever felt like you're constantly juggling a million things, trying to keep up with life's demands while also attempting to navigate your own inner world? It's a journey many of us are on, yet amidst the chaos, we often forget one crucial thing—how to hold space for ourselves.

We hear a lot about holding space for others, and being there for our friends, family, and loved ones during their toughest moments. But what about us? What about holding space for our own thoughts, emotions, and experiences?

I've found that a lot of the work we do in healing and self-discovery involves diving deep into our past, confronting the things that have shaped us, and integrating those lessons into our lives. It's a beautiful yet challenging process—one that requires us to be gentle with ourselves and approach our inner world with curiosity rather than judgment.

When we experience moments of discomfort or pain, whether big or small, our natural instinct is often to push those feelings away. We don't want to feel them, so we may distract ourselves with work, social media, or whatever else we can find to fill the void. But in doing so, we deny ourselves the opportunity to truly heal and grow.

Holding space for our inner world means creating a safe and nurturing environment where we can explore our thoughts, emotions, and experiences without fear or judgment. It means acknowledging the parts of ourselves that have been hurt or neglected and offering them the love and compassion they deserve.

And, it's not always easy. There are moments when the healing process feels overwhelming, when old wounds resurface, and we're tempted to shut down or run away. But it's in those moments that we can find the courage to lean into the discomfort, to sit with our pain and allow ourselves to feel it fully.

True healing isn't about fixing ourselves or making the pain go away. It's about embracing every part of who we are, the light and the dark, and learning to love ourselves unconditionally.

So, my dear friend, I invite you to join me on this journey of self-discovery and healing. Let's create the space we need to honor our inner world, to listen to our hearts, and to embrace the beautiful chaos of being human. Because in the end, it's our willingness to hold space for ourselves that allows us to truly shine.

With love,


PS - Here's the podcast to go deeper into this topic and the event RSVP link

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