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Empowering Postpartum Healing: Understanding Your Nervous System and Reframing Limiting Beliefs

Author: Melissa Boyles (Find live workshop in the living library)

I bow to you woman for being here!

You have said YES to transforming your life and with that commitment, everyone around you will benefit. You see, the health of your family and community will always elevate when we invest and prioritize ourselves and our healing. Part of understanding your nervous system is to notice when your mind begins telling a story, usually in response to feeling unsafe.

Often we can notice the story first and then the "Ah ha!" moment of a dysregulated nervous system follows. Also, with practice, you can go in, feel your heart rate rising, jaw clenching, shoulders tensing and then the story or patterns are revealed to you.

Remember, you and your babies nervous system are connected and if you have experienced birth trauma then your baby is also impacted by this event. Healing this trauma and alchemizing that pain is available to you and I would say that this pain is WAITING FOR YOU to step in and claim your healing.

Noticing your thoughts and patterns to then create reframes are an important part of this healing process. Here are some examples of thoughts and patterns below with possible reframes. A coach or therapist is a great resource for helping reframe limiting beliefs and to help bring clarity in patterns and triggers.

"I am all alone" REFRAME: I am part of something bigger than myself. My life has purpose.

"My partner does not understand" REFRAME: My partner is also experiencing a massive shift. My partner wants to connect.

"My baby does not respond to me. My baby does not love me" REFRAME: My baby is not separate from me. My baby is my perfect mirror, showing me all the ways I am guided to grow.

"I am obsessively scared that my baby will die or that I will die" REFRAME: I am protected. My baby is protected. I trust life. I trust death.

"I never leave the house and when I do I feel frazzled and overwhelmed" REFRAME: My baby needs me close and centred. I am doing enough.

Thank you so much for reading,

Melissa Boyles

Holistic Birth & Postpartum Care

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*For women ready to dig deeper, I am leading a small group of women on a 12 week 1:1 mentorship journey beginning soon! I also offer trauma healing sessions for alchemizing birth trauma. I am so happy to be in touch! Find my email below.*

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