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Conscious Conception - Preparing to Welcome in a New Soul

Conscious conception begins with you. It is a time when you nourish your temple to welcome your soul home and from there create a cozy home to welcome another soul. It is a time of preparation, to unhook yourself from the chains of our conditioned beliefs and to give yourself permission to be open to new perspectives. It is feeling the energy inside your body and noticing which energy moves you to do and think certain things. It is honoring yourself enough to be held with respect and love. It is connecting to your deepest truth and allowing another to join you in your vulnerability.

When to start preparing to conceive?

Yogic philosophy describes Annamaya kosha as the food body, and that the quality of a human’s physical health is determined by the quality of the sperm and ovum at the point of conception. As you can already see, this may take some time to unravel habits and patterns within our lives, so connecting to a conscious conception practice is welcome as early as 12 months before you hope to conceive.

The shift on earth that is happening requires a gentle and passionate commitment to go inwards and face our own triggers and wounds so that we can remove any unnecessary obstacles for the children coming through. In a world obsessed with ranking and manipulation, we can be part of the movement to transmute the fears surrounding greed and power which are feeding the collective pain body. This is not a new phenomenon; throughout history, women have known this wisdom. In some cultures, you will read how they connected to their dreams to receive news that a soul has entered their body.

How to prepare for a healthy and conscious conception

1. Set an intention

Having a clear and strong intention is everything. Remember all those times when you have a grand idea to accomplish something and it never happens, it is not your lack of willpower but the strength of your intention. Your intention shifted along the way and your will followed. When you are inspired and buzzing with the passion of the idea of this creation, you would never believe that you would need a reminder. The truth is when we are tired, sick, lonely, afraid, etc., we disconnect from our rational mind and move towards the known patterns and habits we subconsciously find safe and comfortable.

Write your intention down, make it very clear why you are choosing this path, and also inspiration for times when your intention may waiver. Having it close by and meditating with it, envision every day what a conscious conception looks like and anchor in on the reasons why it is so important to you.

Be aware of your habits which bring comfort and distraction and write them down too! If you notice yourself doing one or more of these things, choose to take a different path. Maybe you will go for a quick walk, dance, sing, write, or talk it out with a loved one. Whatever you need to do to break the cycle. You will be facing years of ingrained patterns that will dig their heels in, be gentle and slow down, let things arise, and trust you will make the best response to serve you.

2. Cleanse and nourish

Both parents preparing 3-6 months in advance will create the ultimate home for the new soul to arrive, the egg and sperm will be abundantly nourished and you will be fully charged going into pregnancy, which will put you in an optimal position to give birth.

Keep it simple, move your body every day, be in nature more, eat healthy nutritious meals, get plenty of rest, laugh, create, drink lots of tea, and breathe with a healing purpose.

A powerful blend I love:

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea.

Nettle Leaf Tea.

Red Clover.

3. Womb Awakening

The womb has endured much throughout history, carrying the pain and collective experiences of our maternal lineage. This repository of power has, for ages, been the focus of immense energy capable of birthing life. Yet, the profound wisdom it holds, capable of dismantling systems, often remains untapped. Embedded within these generational memories lie sparks of hope and beautiful ancestral gifts awaiting discovery and sharing with the world.

Embracing this journey involves holding space, a complex task. Emotions arise, and our minds cling to them as if they define us. Holding space requires intention and gentleness, allowing every present sensation and feeling to be acknowledged and embraced. For instance, when a feeling of disgust emerges, linked to a past experience, consider allowing that energy to pass through, expressing gratitude for the memory while being present with the bodily sensation.

Connecting with your womb offers an opportunity to express gratitude to the first womb in your lineage, even if the exact identity remains unknown. Simply setting the intention of profound gratitude can stir something within. It's essential to acknowledge images, words, sounds, and sensations without becoming too entangled, observing, and then releasing them.

4. Relationship with your Partner

This phase often gets overlooked, yet it's a pivotal moment of co-creation, transitioning not just into motherhood but also into a new family dynamic. This union of energies sets the stage for creating life. In my experience, compassion and communication serve as guiding lights during this phase.

Take time to listen to each other's fears, hopes, and dreams. Cherish moments with 'date nights'.

What environment nourishes both of you presently?

Can you delegate tasks to create space for welcoming this new soul?

Engage in activities that encourage togetherness: breathe together, exchange messages, dance, read to each other, and explore creativity. Embrace vulnerability. Begin crafting your family nest filled with love. Emotions and thoughts might surface—rather than resisting, prioritize holding space for everything. Remember, we are welcoming oxytocin, not stress hormones. And don’t be too hard on yourself when you lose your center.

Before I conceived, I was in a transitional phase, losing passion for my business and falling into another realm. I resisted the impending changes vigorously, unable to accept that my life was shifting—this was even before discovering my pregnancy! My strong yoga and meditation practice served as my anchor, helping me see challenging days as opportunities for release and healing, irrespective of their intensity.

One activity I cherish with Ilan is eye gazing and synchronized breathing.

Initially intense, eye gazing delves into the essence of another, where everything is seen and loved. Separation only exists within our minds. Create a serene ambiance, free from disturbances, and comfortably sit or lie down together, allowing your faces to relax as you gaze into each other’s eyes. Thoughts come and go, smiles appear and fade, tears may fall.

Try this practice for at least 10 minutes daily.

5. It’s time to receive

This is a moment for non-action, a time to hold space and welcome without effort. Honor your natural rhythm without imposition. When routines become systematic, they stifle the free flow of Shakti energy. By doing so, we signal a problem, triggering a mental state of alertness that sets off stress hormones.

Begin with creativity. Connect with love for your partner, yourself, and the soul you are inviting. From there, craft beautiful rituals—perhaps cooking delicious meals, exploring the forest, practicing yin yoga, painting, or any activity that allows your creative energy to radiate. Creativity serves as a reflection of my inner self; when free of the need to prove anything, I feel at home.

Try this:

Lie back and breathe with your womb, feeling the expansion and release as you create space. No visualization or mantra—just you and your breath.

6. Calling in the spirit

Your baby will arrive at the right time. Trust lies in allowing what is meant for you to come to you. Despite our belief in complete control, everything has its own journey, and we can only manage certain aspects of our lives.

Focus on your temple, then extend a welcome to your baby. Perhaps talking doesn’t feel right, but writing, dancing, or singing does.

The intention and focus are crucial.

I didn’t experience this, but I have another hypothesis: I think she called in Ilan and me. When we met, my body underwent a kind of kundalini awakening. I almost collapsed after our first goodbye hug at Shambala Cafe in San Marcos. I felt sick, excited, afraid, full of joy, all at the same time. I had to find support on a wall after leaving, and it turns out he felt the same. I’d never experienced anything like it! This wasn't from the mind; it was deeper. My mind wasn't interested, but something else was. I believe she chose us!

7. Hold space

It’s easy to fantasize about your baby's traits or appearance. When you notice this, pause. Your baby will be exactly as meant to be. Your mission is to remove unnecessary obstacles and envelop them in love.

I sometimes wonder if our projections guide our baby or if our projection stems from an inner understanding of our baby’s true nature. From their name to their clothes, we create an identity for this child. Being aware of this allows exploration without attachment to a particular image.

8. Clearing your womb chakra

Your womb chakra embodies your soul essence and stories across lifetimes. One practice I adore is meditating on your mother if you have an image where you can see her eyes. Gaze for 5-10 minutes, sending love and gratitude. If you have beautiful memories, bring them forth. If not, appreciate your body for being held for nine months.

Clearing this link can profoundly affect your lineage.

You might encounter negative thoughts—simply observe; this is part of the clearing. How can you shift your perspective when faced with uncomfortable emotions or memories?

9. Let go

If, like me, you experienced an unexpected pregnancy and feel at a loss, reflect on your life a few months before conceiving. How was your relationship with yourself? Recall the experience of conception. What emotions arise?

Let it go for now.

Remember, we can't control life's movements; we can only heighten awareness to embrace the moments leading up to conception. Some women might not feel a connection with the baby in the womb, yet they are connected. This soul chose you for a reason, even if you weren't conscious of it at the time. Everything was as it should be, perfect in its own way.

Consider a meditation to regress to pre-pregnancy and connect with the baby you now know. Convey your excitement and the love you're prepared to offer. This is deeply personal; words might not feel right, but perhaps you'll see images or feel love for your womb. Envision your body brimming with life, you and your partner igniting sparks as you open the channel for this new soul. Reflect and journal about your experiences.

Thank you for reading, here are a few episodes I think you will appreciate:



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