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Waning Half Moon Reading

I just finished hosting a beautiful in-person women's circle in the Sacred Valley, Peru. We've been here for 4 months and are about to continue our journey to new lands.

I wanted to share some energies I've noticed from the gatherings, working privately with women, my dreams, and my inner world. I hope to bridge the gaps between our worlds so we can see the threads that connect us.

Today we are blessed by the waning moon, the moon's inner autumn, a time of shedding skin, offering back to the earth what no longer serves us—thoughts, actions, environments. It's a time for slowing down, being courageous, and looking in the mirror to see who we really are without masks. This is beautiful because it links to the card we pulled in our last live circle.

Speaking of live circle we have a few spaces left for our live circle 'Living AS Abundance' SO excited for this one, join here:

Here are the insights:

Space: Making space can mean relating differently with oneself and others. Let your loved ones know shifts are happening. The shifts are supporting you and your tribe, but it isn't clear yet what it all means. Letting people close to us know that transition is in process will help ease any uncertainty in their minds and keep connections strong and nourishing.

Unknown: You do not need answers right now. You are being called to be in the nothingness, the not knowing, the uncertainty. This is a place where the mind can rest, and the heart can begin to lead again.

Wisdom: All emotions have the opportunity to be held and seen, like a wise elder, witnessing the arising and not intervening. Watch with love and compassion. Don't be fooled by the mind's trickery when heated experiences arise. SLOW DOWN. Find a moment to come back to yourself. This might mean dancing, deep breaths, singing, or simple stillness.

Simplicity: The world has fed us the hype of DOING, but what happens in the flow state, when everything slows down when you can taste your food, smell the flowers, and feel the sun on your skin? Connection and experience. The mind may think, "This is boring." That's okay. Let her be bored. I let my daughter be bored. It seems painful for her for a moment, and then it passes, and her curiosity guides her again.

Card Pull - Ace of Rainbows: Maturity

This figure stands alone, silent, and yet alert. The inner being is filled with flowers that carry the quality of springtime and regenerate wherever she goes. This inner flowering and the wholeness she feels afford the possibility of unlimited movement. She can move in any direction—within and without—it makes no difference, as her joy and maturity cannot be diminished by externals. She has come to a time of centeredness and expansiveness—the white glow around the figure is her protection and her light. All of life's experiences have brought her to this time of perfection.

My reflection: Maturity card resonates deeply with the themes we've explored together. It's like seeing the inner garden blooming after clearing out old weeds, making space for new growth. Embracing uncertainty becomes a path where our own joy and wisdom can thrive, unaffected by external ups and downs. It reminds me of holding emotions with grace like a wise elder watching life unfold without rushing to intervene. This card reflects the beauty of slowing down, finding joy in simple moments, and allowing our inner selves to blossom naturally. It's a reminder that our journey of growth and success springs from nurturing our inner landscapes, where every experience enriches our path forward.

Thank you for reading,



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