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Embracing the Wolf Moon Energy: Preparation for January 2024

Welcome sister,

Are you ready to say goodbye to 2023? In today's blog, our theme is around the wolf moon in January.

Wolf Moon Recording January is often referred to as the "Wolf Moon" by various indigenous cultures because during this month, wolves were historically heard more frequently howling. This is likely due to factors such as increased breeding activity, heightened communication among packs, or the need to mark their territories in the winter landscape.

So, as December 2023 bids us farewell and January howls on the horizon, we come to explore the energies of the wolf. In our recent online women’s circle, we embraced the coming of the Wolf Moon in January. It was a powerful experience, one that resonated deeply with each of us as we gathered to explore the energies associated with the wolf.

In this blog, we will delve into the captivating essence of the wolf. To many, the energy of a wolf resembles—strength, communication, resilience, loyalty, and unity. They move in harmonious packs, although I came to find that in the summer months, some may choose to go off alone or in small groups and return to pack in the winter. This is because it is much safer to stay together in the winter, to find food, and to stay protected. This being said some members of the pack may be exiled or choose to leave because of abuse within the pack.

The term "alpha wolf" has been misinterpreted for years, suggesting a dominant, aggressive leader. In reality, wolf pack dynamics often revolve around familial ties rather than dominance battles. The so-called "alphas" typically earn their position through parenting and family care, not aggressive competition.

In the live circle (recording here) the analogy between the domestication of animals and our societal conditioning was explored more deeply. We pondered on how we’ve been shaped to fit predefined roles, often sacrificing our authenticity to conform. The discussion sparked introspection, leading us to question where and how we might be living within someone else’s box, and how we can rewild.

Sharing our reflections deepened our understanding of the wolf’s symbolism. The call to embrace our innate nature, to heed our intuition, and to reclaim our untamed spirit became more resounding.

So, as the Wolf Moon graces the sky, we carry forward the collective wisdom, embarking on January’s journey—bold, united, and authentically ourselves (Check out the authentic expression recording)

Here are questions for deeper reflections:

What practices help you to feel more connected to your inner wisdom?

Within the depths of our being lies a wellspring of wisdom waiting to be tapped. Whether it’s through meditation, journaling, spending time in nature, or engaging in introspective practices, each of us holds unique keys to unlocking this inner sanctuary of wisdom.

Is your community nourishing you or depleting, and why?

Community—the fabric of our lives. Are the threads woven together strengthening us or leaving us frayed? Reflecting on the dynamics of our communities—be it familial, social, or professional—helps unveil whether they uplift our spirits or drain our energies.

The Lone Wolf: Parts that feel rejected

Within the wolf’s solitary howl lies a poignant truth—a yearning for acceptance. Have you experienced moments of being the lone wolf, feeling disconnected or rejected? Exploring these emotions unveils insights into our vulnerabilities and ways we may try to 'fit in'.

Where can we embrace more of the vibrant wolf and notice the hungry wolf?

In our pursuit of growth and fulfillment, we often dance between embracing the vibrant, energetic aspects of the wolf and recognizing the hungry, unfulfilled parts within us. Are there areas in our lives where we need to nourish and satiate our hungry wolf while reveling in the vibrant aspects that energize us?

Sending you so much love, see you in 2024!



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