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Book Recommendations for the Father Wound

Today, we hosted a gathering delving into the often-overlooked topic of the father wound.

Find the recording in the Deeper Healing Section of the living library

This affects individuals whose fathers were absent, whether emotionally or physically. We examined the experiences of daughters who were neglected, abused, or raised without their fathers, as well as those whose fathers have died.

But how does this manifest in our lives?

The label of "fatherless daughter" often comes with stereotypes, ones that many of us have unwittingly embodied throughout our lives until we brought them into conscious awareness.

During our gathering, we embarked on a journey with the help of our younger selves. We identified the unmet needs and explored the traits of a healthy father's presence.

It was a powerful exploration, one that continues to unfold as an ongoing journey.

One of the responsibilities that emerged was the need to become aware of when our younger selves are triggered in our daily lives.

Personally, I've noticed this weight on my shoulder blades, a sensation that surfaces when triggered.

In these moments, I take the time to sit with my younger self, reassuring her that she is safe and loved.

Through the act of sharing stories, the pieces of our experiences come together, forming a clearer picture of our journey.

To aid in this process, I highly recommend diving into the following books:

- "It Didn't Start with You" by Mark Wolynn

- "Fatherless Daughter" by Denna Babul and Karin Luise

- "Somatic Internal Family Systems Therapy " by Susan McConnell

By exploring our father wounds and tending to our inner child, we can begin to heal and reclaim our sense of wholeness.

If you would like further support connect below ⬇️ hope the recording serves you.



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