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Fatherless Daughter: Promiscuity, Military Life and Marriage.

My story of life without the guiding presence of a father figure.

Growing up fatherless, I yearned for a connection I had only dreamt of—a longing that shaped my relationships, my choices, and my understanding of love and belonging.

I first met my father at the age of 18, a chance encounter facilitated by social media. Until then, he was a distant figure, a name on legal documents, a provider from afar.

My mother's pregnancy with me, conceived while serving in the army in 1988, led to her departure due to strict regulations at the time. Raised in the absence of a father's presence, my mother became my beacon of strength, my protector in a world tinged with uncertainty. But the void left by my absent father lingered, a silent ache I carried within.

From a young age, I hoped that if my father found me, he would fill the void and stay. I yearned for his love, his approval, his presence. Despite his absence, I shielded him from scrutiny, clinging to the belief that if he just met me, he would fall in love with me and everything would be ok.

My journey was fraught with challenges. From the age of 7 to 10, domestic violence was experienced in our home—a once-charming man whose narcissistic tendencies and jealousy shattered our family's peace.

In adolescence, I sought solace in relationships, craving the love and acceptance I longed for from my father. But heartbreak at 14 years old, made me gravitate towards men who I knew would not leave me. I carefully selected men who mirrored the safety, where I always maintained control, afraid of being abandoned once more.

At 16, I found myself in the military, where toxic masculinity dominates. As a young recruit, I became a target of their pursuit, their advances hidden behind authority. Despite their seniority, I wielded a false sense of power, believing I held the upper hand in these interactions. In a world where vulnerability was perceived as weakness, I masked my insecurities behind a thick wall.

Marriage came early at 21, I wanted to create the family I had craved in childhood. Yet, my husband's inability to protect me in a moment of crisis shattered my illusions of safety. It was a pivotal moment that forced me to confront my unmet needs and the patterns of seeking validation from others. We divorced a year or so after we married and the deep healing work began. He was a gentle man, but our time had come to an end.

The societal expectations placed on fatherless daughters often paint a bleak picture, yet I refuse to be defined by stereotypes.

I invite others to join me in releasing fears and creating nourishing relationships. Together, let us rewrite the narrative of fatherlessness, reclaiming our strength and softness in a world where love knows no bounds.

Join us this Sunday as we explore the power of healing and transformation in the journey of the fatherless daughter - see below.



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