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Solstice and Full Moon Reflections: with Tarot and Oracle Reading

Dear Sisters,

This reading is written rather than recorded as I haven't found a peaceful moment lately. My daughter, conceived on the solstice, has been exceptionally curious, leading us on many wonderful adventures. I've happily sacrificed my creative time for her.

This reading is for the full moon and solstice transition and is intended to support you during these transformative days. The first part is an intuitive reading based on my meditations, dreams, and reflections within my circles.

Solstice – the sun's standstill – marks the longest day of summer in the northern hemisphere and the longest night of winter in the southern hemisphere. We will be hosting a live gathering this Sunday to honor the solstice. You can RSVP here:

Let’s begin...

Transition – Perhaps you’ve felt something is coming, but you’re not quite sure what it is. You might be experiencing resistance within yourself, your relationships, work, or spiritual life. Do you see more clearly now? The bridge you’ve been waiting to cross is in sight, and you have no choice but to cross it. This doesn’t mean you won’t recognize your life, but it may mean shifts will occur whether you like it or not. These changes will serve your heart, though your mind may resist. Even if the bridge is in sight, the way to cross or where it leads may not be very clear yet. Tune into that feeling of trust and surrender and take one small step after another, no need to run, there is no rush. Savor each moment with as much presence as possible.

Mantra: I trust in my journey and am led by the heart.

Home Within – Since conception, we have been infiltrated with the ideas and beliefs of others, leaving us constantly looking outward for answers. Now, in a world where all our questions can be answered instantly through the web, it’s important to remember that not everything we find is true. You may find yourself questioning influencers, healers, doctors, and even science—and that's good! Question everything, but don’t get caught up in the seeking. Can you stay curious? Stay open to the idea that the information you need will come to you, if and when you need it. As you settle into this, how does it feel to get cozy within your body? To find a connection with the outer world through your inner world? Drop the man-made technology of language and slow down enough to feel.

Mantra: Wherever I go, whoever I meet, home begins within.

Training – All the efforts you’ve made to calm the mind, strengthen the body, relax unnecessary tension, connect with nature etc etc, now is the time to live through these practices. Don’t reserve them for a certain part of the day or just for a yoga class. In each moment, let yourself be present in both the outer and inner world. Create ceremony in your life, protect times alone, and spend time daily in nature to truly experience life. The mind may become loud; don’t force the thoughts away, but feel them. Where are they resting in your body? How can you come into relation with them to honor them more deeply?

Mantra: I am here.

Labels – A dear sister of mine articulated this topic so well, describing how she’s done with labeling herself: "I am a coffee drinker," "I don’t eat gluten," "I am a vegetarian," etc. Why? Because the roots of these labels are often grounded in fear that without them, our values wouldn’t be upheld. But what if we can come to trust ourselves? Trust that we will have the coffee if it feels good, that we won’t wake up at 6 am to do our spiritual practice if we want a lie-in, that we can eat a piece of cake or go to bed late without guilt. Trust that we will find our harmony.

Mantra: I choose from moment to moment, I trust myself.

Manifesting – This word is often thrown about, yet when we allow ourselves to be guided by our heart, tuning into what truly nourishes us and seeing the deeper intention, we will find ourselves guided to opportunities and insights that align. Yes, the mind can manifest, but what are the roots of its desire? We might not fully understand until we embark on that journey, exploring and bringing back gems to our tribe.

Mantra: Words are like spells; I choose them wisely.

Tarot Card Reading

The Tower, embodying sudden change, upheaval, chaos, revelation, and awakening, stands tall on a rocky mountaintop. Struck by lightning, it erupts in flames, compelling two figures to leap from its windows in a desperate escape. This card reflects moments when our foundations—built on shaky ambitions or false premises—are violently shaken. The lightning symbolizes a surge of transformative energy and insight, breaking through illusions and opening us to profound revelations. As the tower's crown is torn asunder, it signifies divine energy channeling through our spiritual centers, urging us to embrace inner turmoil as a catalyst for growth.

This card encourages us to release outdated structures and beliefs, finding stability within rather than clinging to external identities or dependencies. Embrace the disruption as an opportunity for profound personal evolution and spiritual awakening. Trust in your journey through uncertainty, using your inner wisdom to rebuild a life that resonates authentically with your soul's path.

Heart Home - Card Number 27 (Compassion) from the Shaman's Dream Oracle:

The "Heart Home" card, number 27 in the Shaman's Dream Oracle (2 + 7 = 9, symbolizing completion and wisdom), resonates deeply with the essence of compassion as the purest form of love. When you feel disconnected or out of place, this card invites you to return to your heart, where unconditional love and acceptance reside effortlessly. It teaches that you need not strive for love—it is always present, patiently waiting for your acknowledgment. "Heart Home" encourages replacing judgment with compassion and embracing patience over haste. You are being called back to your true home within; trust this inner calling and allow compassion to guide your interactions and decisions. Through compassion, you rediscover your sense of belonging and deepen your connection with yourself and others.

Reflection Questions

  • How do labels and self-identifiers influence my daily choices and behaviors?

  • In what ways can I deepen my trust in myself to make decisions that align with my true values and desires?

  • What practices or rituals help me stay present and connected to both my inner world and the outer world?

  • How can I distinguish between desires driven by the mind versus those rooted in deeper intentions from the heart?

  • What does "manifesting" mean to me personally, and how can I align my actions and intentions to manifest truly fulfilling outcomes?

I hope this post serves you and I hope to see you Sunday.



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