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It Seems That We Are Nomadic: Exploring Life's Unexpected Journeys

Greetings, lovely souls,

You've arrived! These blogs will not be reels of words, they will be carefully chosen to get the point across so you can know more about these destinations that we've explored.

Today will be setting the scene, letting you get to know a little bit more about us as a family.

on the horizon!

Since 2019, my family and I have embarked on an extraordinary journey, wandering across the globe in search of what might become our forever home. Unintentionally, this transformed us into what some might call a nomadic family. For years, I hesitated to share our adventures; it didn't quite fit the label of 'nomadic,' and I worried it might not exude enough 'excitement.' As we weren't the touristy types, we liked to nestle in and get to know the land and community. Yet, here I am, ready to begin; this comes from the many messages I receive each week asking about my lifestyle and specific places I’ve been and my honest accounts. I get it, especially with a family; you want to know if there is going to be everything you need to be deeply nourished.

Let's rewind to 2017, a pivotal time when I bid farewell to my 12-year career as a nurse in the military. I invested in land in France, reviving a property for hosting retreats with my mum and dad, whilst also nurturing my permaculture project. But come 2019, I found myself alone in winter in the isolated valley in France, planning for the upcoming years. I remember that awakening moment very distinctly. I was wearing a big fur coat and sat by an electric heater, all doors closed and sealed in my tiny room with no company, no warmth, and no inspiration. It dawned on me—I needed a retreat myself; burnout had crept in.

During the season, I would live in a bell tent 500 meters from the main house, which offered a place to hide away and rest amidst my roles as a host, facilitator, therapist, and chef. While my mum found comfort in the kitchen, I remained in the shop front, craving solitude. So one evening, I decided to book myself a trip to Guatemala's Lake Atitlan in San Marcos for a month-long metaphysics course—this was a life-changing decision, this is where love found me. Fast forward 6 months, we were inseparable, and now expecting a baby. Auraya's presence altered my perspective on running my business in France. The energy, inspiration, and passion had shifted. The call was for hibernation, prompting our decision to head to Costa Rica... and so our new chapter began.

It wasn't an easy decision; I am just cutting out the drama, of which there was much. My mum had left her home in the UK to be with me; there were hopes to retire there, and raise my future family… all gone, and even writing this, my stomach turns; the pain in my mother's eyes as I took away this dream. But I asked her, 'Are you happy?' She too was exhausted. She loved France like I did, but the pandemic had taken us to a place we hadn't been before; we were not getting the customers like we were the previous years. I couldn't just take time off either; there were no spare funds to hire someone to stand in for me. So we came to peace with it, and as hard as it was, it was a moment in time when I had an opening to honor my heart and choose a new path.

So Ilan and I decided to head to Costa Rica.

Why CR? In 2014, one of my first solo trips was to Costa Rica's Santa Teresa. It was an unforgettable surf trip, initially as a solo traveler (later joined by my wonderful friend Ellie). Little did I know, this place had etched itself deeply into my memory, and years later, when Ilan and I contemplated where to welcome Auraya into the world, Costa Rica emerged in my quest for a home midwife. Astonishingly, it simultaneously appeared in Ilan's meditation at the same time—no joke! So, we made the decision, almost settling in Nelson, Canada, but destiny nudged us toward this tropical paradise.

In the blogs to come, I'll share my perspective as a mother seeking an alternative path to parenting—one diverging from the regimented systemic norms. My journey centers around finding an environment rich in organic, locally sourced food, unpolluted water and air, and easy access to forests and lakes—steering clear of the hustle of city life and embracing the tranquility of nature's embrace, all while ensuring a reliable connection with the world through fast Wi-Fi.

First stop: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Stay tuned.

Feel free to write any questions in the comments and I'll use them to guide the blogs. Love,


PS There will be no fancy YouTube video, you will just have to use your imagination lol

PSS Some events and resources you may be interested in :)

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