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Dark and New Moon Reflections: Including Tarot Reading

This month has flown by for me. How has it been for you? I still feel like I'm in June, but wow, we’ve arrived at the middle of the year in July.

A dear friend of mine has just given birth, and I've been supporting her during these precious weeks before we travel to Europe. I’m immersed in the postpartum bubble, which is so beautiful and such an honor. This period has also been an opportunity for Daddy and Auraya to bond, and I can feel her spontaneously weaning off breast milk. Rites of passage don't always have to be so rigid and heightened; this one feels very gentle—at least for now.

So, let's go deeper with the reflections and insights for this period. The intention is to offer a broader perspective, encouraging us to take a step back from the normal ways of thinking and experiencing life. By doing so, we can truly connect with the deep messages passing through the collective consciousness. Please reach out if you resonate and would like to share your thoughts.

Dark Moon Energy: July 4th

The dark moon energy on July 4th invites us into the void—a time for deliberate pausing to witness our habitual ways of thinking and behaving. This period asks us for 24 hours of chosen nothingness, a time to stop preparing and planning for the future, to cease searching for answers, and instead let the day unfold with curiosity.

Keep the day super simple. If your mind labels it as "boring," embrace that feeling. Include activities that nourish and replenish you. Immerse yourself in the moment and the unknown mystery it carries.

Is there an activity or ceremony that comes to mind?

New Moon: July 5th

The new moon on July 5th represents new beginnings. Yet, it's essential not to put your foot too hard on the gas. Stay present, observe the ideas that arise, and take time to feel if they resonate with you. Continue to deepen your connection to your body and your breath.

This is a time to ensure your inner soil is rich and the channels are open, so the seed of your heart can nestle within and begin to grow. Prepare delicious food, replenish and restore yourself. Dance, move with love and intention. Make space for yourself and your loved ones to bathe in each other's love.

Reflections and Insights from the Collective Energy Right Now


From seeking, the mind becomes excited; from mystery, your heart awakens. It may feel like there are unknowns or decisions to be made. These next steps are not for the mind to decide, but to participate when the heart chooses.

Mantra: I follow my heart, there is no need to rush.


Instead of seeing the faults in others, turn within to see our own projections and own them. Notice how they feel and manifest, and choose to hold them instead of expecting others to hold them.

Mantra: I can be with all arisings within me.


A maturing is taking place within, allowing you to see a bigger picture. The space between triggers and reactions is greater, giving you more time to choose what serves you and your world. People around you may feel insecure with this new expression of you and try to pull you back in many creative ways.

Mantra: I see truth.


Friendship may present itself with deep gratitude, or perhaps it is what you are calling in. Honor these relationships with prayer and deep presence—they are here as a gift.

Mantra: I am held by my sisters.


Awaken your senses. How deeply can you feel? How much pleasure can you receive? It may be through food, movement, singing, touch—let yourself go there. Notice what takes you away, what thoughts, what arisings.

Mantra: I allow myself to experience pleasure.

New Moon Ritual: Embracing New Beginnings

  • Prepare a space with candles and incense, signaling a transition into introspection.

  • Begin with a grounding meditation, feeling roots extending into the earth, anchoring you in the present.

  • Reflect on intentions for new beginnings, writing them down in a journal.

  • Next, cleanse your hands with water and salt, symbolizing the release of old energies and welcoming freshness.

  • Nourish your body with wholesome foods, savoring each bite mindfully

  • Reflect on personal projections and responsibilities, taking ownership and choosing to hold them within.

  • Closing with gratitude to the elements and a final grounding breath, integrating the ritual's insights into daily life

Tarot and Oracle Reading

The Seven of Swords can indicate a need for caution against deceit or betrayal, whether you're tempted to sneak away from responsibilities or someone else is not being honest with you. This card advises being aware of hidden agendas and trusting your intuition when something feels off or too good to be true.

On a more positive note, the Seven of Swords encourages strategic thinking and prioritization. It advises focusing on tasks that will truly move you towards your hearts desire, even if unconventional methods or shortcuts are necessary. Sometimes, it's about putting yourself first and making decisions that align with your truth, even if they may disappoint others. However, it also warns against avoiding important issues or commitments out of fear or procrastination, urging you to face challenges directly rather than trying to escape them.

The Seven of Swords in tarot often mirrors the numerological traits of the number 7. It signifies a time of strategic thinking and introspection, where one may need to navigate situations with careful consideration and insight. Like the number 7, this card warns against deceit and encourages a deeper understanding of motives and hidden truths. It prompts individuals to trust their intuition and delve into the complexities of their circumstances, balancing analytical thinking with spiritual awareness.

The Shaman Dream Oracle card number 47

The Shaman Dream Oracle card number 47, "Sky Bridge," speaks to the potential for union and the need to discern what should be connected or disconnected in your life. It emphasizes that once a path forward is chosen, there's no turning back—life is presenting you with unforeseen opportunities and possibilities. While moving forward is essential, it also advises taking moments to breathe and introspect, utilizing this time wisely to connect with your inner courage.

This card signifies a pivotal moment for a quantum leap in your life journey, indicating that the universe believes you are ready for this next step. It encourages embracing these new opportunities with a resounding "yes," trusting in the path unfolding before you. The "Sky Bridge" card invites you to align with the flow of life, to courageously step into new realms of possibility, and to embrace the transformations that await on your journey forward.

4 + 7 equals 11. In numerology, this combination holds special significance as the master number 11, known for its deep spiritual insights and intuitive guidance. Those aligned with this number often possess a strong sense of purpose and a profound connection to their spiritual journey. It signifies a time of heightened awareness and a potential for profound spiritual growth. The number 11 encourages individuals to trust their inner wisdom and pursue their aspirations with a blend of practicality and spiritual insight.

I hope this served you, and I hope you can join our next online gathering, see below:



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