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Conscious Conception

"Our children are our teachers "

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What is...

Conscious conception begins with you. It is a time when you nourish your temple to welcome your soul home, and from there create a cosy home to welcome another soul. It is a time of preparation, to unhook yourself from the chains of our conditioned beliefs and to give yourself permission to be open to new perspectives. It is feeling the energy inside of your body and noticing which energy moves us to do and think certain things. It is honouring yourself enough to be held with respect and love. It is connecting to your deepest truth and allowing another to join you in your vulnerability. 

When to start preparing to conceive?

Yogic philosophy describes Annamaya kosha as the the food body, and that the quality of a human’s physical health is determined by the quality of the sperm and ovum at the point of conception. As you can already see this may take some time to unravel habits and patterns within our life, so connecting to a conscious conception practice is welcome as early as 12 months before you hope to conceive.

The shift on earth that is happening requires a gentle and passionate commitment to go inwards and face our own triggers and wounds so that we can remove any unnecessary obstacles for the children coming through. In a world obsessed with ranking and manipulation, we can be part of the movement to transmute the fears surrounding greed and power which are feeding the collective pain body.

This is not a new phenomena, throughout history women have known this wisdom, in some cultures you will read how they connected to their dreams to receive news that a soul has entered their body.

When to start preparing to conceive?
What is conscious conception
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How to prepare for a healthy and conscious conception


1. Set an intention

Having a clear and strong intention is everything. Remember all those times when you have a grand idea to accomplish something and it never happens, it is not your lack of willpower but the strength of your intention. Your intention shifted along the way and your will followed. When you are inspired and buzzing with the passion from the idea of this creation, you would never believe that you would need a reminder. The truth is when we are tired, sick, lonely, afraid etc we disconnect from our rational mind and we move towards the known patterns and habits you subconsciously find safe and comfortable. 


Write your intention down, make it very clear why you are choosing this path and also inspiration for times when your intention may waiver. Having it close by and meditating with it, envision every day what a conscious conception looks like and anchor in on the reasons why it is so important to you.


Be aware of your habits which bring comfort and distraction and write them down too! If you notice yourself doing one or more of these things, choose to take a different path. Maybe you will go for a quick walk, dance, sing, write, talk it out with a loved one. Whatever you need to do to break the cycle. You will be facing years of ingrained patterns which will dig their heels in, be gentle and slow down, let things arise and trust you will make the best response to serve you

2. Cleanse and nourish 


Both parents preparing 3-6 months in advance will create the ultimate home for the new soul to arrive, the egg and sperm will be abundantly nourished and you will be fully charged going into pregnancy, which will put you in an optimal position to give birth. 


Keep it simple, move your body everyday, be in nature more, eat healthy nutritious meals, get plenty of rest, laugh, create, drink lots of tea and breathe with a healing purpose.


A powerful blend I love:


Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. 

Nettle Leaf Tea.

Red Clover. 


3. Womb Awakening


The womb has taken a lot of beatings in the past, we are carrying the pain body of the mothers before us and the collective,  filling us with feelings of shame and guilt. The power of the womb has had her in the firing line for many years, with an energy so great that it can create life. The womb holds wisdom that could tear down systems in a moment, until we realise the power this wisdom has, we will never fully experience her full colours. This is years of ancestral trauma handed to us, but weaving into these memories are sparks of hope, beautiful gifts from our ancestors hidden away just waiting to be opened and shared with the world.


It is time to hold space and this is not the easiest of things. We feel an emotion and our mind attaches to it as though it has to be ours. The practice of holding space comes through intention and gentleness, a time to allow everything that is present to be loved and seen. For example, maybe a feeling of disgust arises and your mind links it to a past experience you have had. What if that energy is just passing through, can you thank the memory and be with the sensation in the body?


When you connect to your womb, take a moment to give thanks to the first womb in your lineage, you will not know exactly who that is but just the intention of holding great gratitude may move something inside of you. Don’t dismiss images, words, sounds, sensations but try not to get too tied up in them either, notice and release.


4. Relationship with your partner


This one can get left behind, which is funny because you are choosing to co-create, this transition into motherhood, is also a transition into a family. The energy that surrounds you both in this moment will be the uniting of two forces to create life. In my experience  this is when compassion and communication have been the two warriors of light.

Take the time to listen to each other’s fears, hopes and dreams. Make the most of ‘date nights’. 


What is the most nourishing environment for both of you right now?


Can you release some tasks to make space for the welcoming of this new soul?


Spend time just being. Breathe together, massage each other, dance, read to one another. Be creative. Be vulnerable.


Start to create your family nest, filled with love. Things may arise, don’t fight an emotion or thought that arises, make it your main priority to hold space for everything, remember we are welcoming oxytocin not stress hormones. That being said, don't be hard on yourself when you lose centre.


Before I conceived I was in such a transitional time, I was losing my passion for my business and falling into the heart of another. I fought it so hard, I couldn’t accept that my life was going to change…. and this was before I found out I was pregnant! I did have a very strong yoga and meditation practice which was my anchor and I saw all the ‘bad’ days as an opportunity to release and heal no matter how ugly it would get! At that point I was not in one of those relationships where I could just pretend that everything was ‘ok’, Ilan is so sensitive to energy that he would see right through any mask I’d try to wear. Unknowingly we were entering into a conscious relationship. 


Something I love to do with Ilan is eye gazing and breathing together.


At first, eye gazing can be intense, as you dive into the soul of another, everything is seen, EVERYTHING and at the same time EVERYTHING is loved. Only our mind creates separation. 


Create a calming atmosphere, in a place where you won’t be disturbed, sit or lie comfortably with each other, let your face be soft and gaze into each other’s eyes. 


A thought comes, a thought goes, a smile comes and a smile goes, a tear comes and it falls.


Try this for at least 10 minutes every day.


5. It’s time to receive


This is a time for NOT doing, this is a space holding and receiving time. You can know your natural rhythm and honour it without force. When things become scheduled and systematic, we close ourselves off to the free flowing shakti energy. We are telling ourselves we have a problem to fix, our mind moves to a state of alert, sending our stress hormones racing. 


Start by being creative. Connect to the love for your partner, yourself and the soul you are welcoming in. From there, create beautiful rituals, maybe delicious meals, a day exploring the forest, yin yoga, painting, anything where you can let your creative energy shine through. I always use this as a reflection of my inner self, when I feel creative with no need to prove anything, then I am at home. 


Try this, 


Lay back and breathe with your womb, feel the expansion and release as you make space. No visualization, no mantra, just you and your breath.


6. Calling in the spirit


Your baby will arrive at the right moment. TRUST is ALLOWING what is meant for you will come to you. Although we like to think we have complete control, the truth is everything has its own journey and we can only manage certain aspects of our life. 


Let your focus be on your temple, then let your baby know they are welcome. Maybe it doesn’t feel right to talk, but maybe it feels good to write or dance or sing? 


The intention and focus is key. 


I never had this experience but I do have another hypothesis, I think she called in Ilan and I. The moment we met my body had some kind of kundalini awakening, I almost collapsed after our first goodbye hug at Shambala cafe in San Marcos. I felt sick, excited, afraid, full of joy, all at the same time, I had to find support on a wall after I left and it turns out he was the same. I’d never experienced anything like it! This was not from the mind, it was deeper. My mind had no interest in pursuing this but something else did. I believe she chose us!


7. Hold space


It’s easy to fantasize about who your baby will be or how they will look. When you notice this, pause for a moment. This baby will be exactly how they are meant to be, your mission is to remove unnecessary obstacles and surround them with love. 


Sometimes I wonder if our projections guide our baby or if our projection is from an inner knowing of our baby’s true nature? Even from the name we give them to the clothes we dress them in, we are creating an identity for this child and this is inevitable, but just being aware of this will leave space for exploration with no attachments to a certain image. 


8. Clearing your womb chakra 


Your womb chakra holds your soul essence and your story across many lifetimes. One practice I love is meditating on your mother, if you have an image where you can see their eyes. Gaze for 5-10 minutes sending love and gratitude, if you have beautiful memories bring them forth, if you have none, give appreciation for your body, for being held for 9 months.


Clearing this link between you both will have profound effects on your lineage.


You may see negative thoughts arise, just notice, this is the clearing. How can you change the lens when seeing this memory or feeling an uncomfortable emotion? 


9. Let go


If like me you had an unexpected pregnancy and feel at a loss, firstly recall your life a few months before you conceived.  How was your relationship with yourself? Can you remember the experience when you conceived? What emotions come up when recalling this time?


Let it go for now.


Remember we cannot control the movement of life, we can only become more aware to experience the moments leading up to the conception. Just like some women cannot experience a connection with a baby in the womb, doesn't mean they are not connected. This soul picked you for a reason, and you knowingly welcomed it in, even if you were not conscious of that at the time. Everything was just as it was and that is perfect.


You can try a meditation to regress to the time before you became pregnant and connect to the baby you now know. Let it know how excited you are to meet it and all the love you have ready to offer them. This is very personal and maybe words don’t feel right, maybe you will see images or maybe you will feel your womb deeply with love. See your body healthy and brimming with life, see you and your partner creating sparks as you open the channel for this new soul. Reflect and journal anything that comes up for you.

Surrounding with love, 

How to prepare for a healthy and conscious conception
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