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Pregnancy & Postpartum Care (Free Call)

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Childbirth is a miraculous and transformative experience, but it is also wild and unpredictable. Preparing for childbirth can greatly support expecting parents to feel more relaxed and confident as they approach the day their baby comes earth side. In the 1:1 's here are some topics of exploration: Birthing Preferences Understanding Physiological Birth: Exploring the natural process of birth. Nourishing Your Temple: Discussions on nutrition, rest, and movement. Mind Preparation Tools: Techniques to prepare your mindset for birth. Birth as a Rite of Passage: Embracing birth as a transformative journey. Birth Partner Support Creating a Supportive Environment: Understanding and creating a comforting birth atmosphere. Navigating Each Phase: Insights into different stages of labor. Advocacy and Support Techniques: Tools to be an advocate during labor and post-birth. Post-Birth Support: Guidance on supporting the mother after birth. Comfort Measures & Tools Comfort Measures for Pregnancy: Tools for a comfortable pregnancy. Creating a Relaxing Space: Tips to prepare a comforting birthing environment. Labor Strategies: Coping mechanisms for each stage of labor. Practical Essentials: Packing essentials for hospital or home births. Movement Connecting with Your Pelvic Bowl: Understanding pelvic movement. Preparation Exercises: Exercises to prepare for labor. Birthing Positions: Optimal positions during labor. Birthing Ball Techniques: Using a birthing ball effectively. Breathing & Mindfulness Benefits of Breathing Practices: Understanding benefits of Breathing Practices: Understanding breathing's role in labor. Breathing Methods: Exploring different breathing techniques. Energy Healing & Visualization: Techniques for relaxation and focus. Mindfulness & Art Therapy: Recognizing thoughts and beliefs about birth. Connecting to Your Birth Healing Past Birth Experiences: Addressing any birth-related trauma. Postpartum Reflection: Understanding your post-birth experience. Meditative Practices: Returning to the womb for healing. Postpartum Planning 2 part. Session One Golden Hour & Preparation: Insights into immediate post-birth care. Postpartum Nutrition & Bodywork: Nourishment and physical care after birth. Requesting & Managing Support: Tips on seeking and managing help. Session 2 Covers: Breastfeeding, Sleep, Diapering: Practical advice for new parents. DIY Care Products, Massage, Babywearing: Skills for postpartum care and bonding.

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