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Reclaiming Circle honours the sacred red thread that runs through us all, connecting us as daughters of the earth.

This book invites you to embark on a collective journey, acknowledging the weight of past oppressions and embracing the oceans of ancient wisdom within us.

Through the practice of Reclaiming Circle, we come together to heal, strengthen, and uplift one another, intertwining our unique stories and experiences that shape our lives.

This book serves as a compass to deepen your connection to yourself and your tribe, providing everything you need to nurture and strengthen your bonds of sisterhood and host your own circles.

We will explore:

  • The History of Women's Circles
  • The Needs of the Tribe
  • Conscious Communication
  • Theme and Structure
  • Rituals, Altars, and Ceremony
  • Medicine Woman Practices

Reclaiming Circle 'A Guide For Hosting Women's Circles'

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