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Winter Solstice Celebration Ideas

As the winter solstice draws near, a magical five-day ritual awaits, inviting you to connect with loved ones and celebrate the elements that shape our world.

This special journey, from the 21st to the 25th of December, encourages reflection, appreciation, and sharing.

Each day, you'll write heartfelt letters to cherished ones, allowing your emotions to flow freely.

On the 25th, you can choose to post these letters or capture them in photos to share your love.

Day 1: Earth Element (21st December)

On the first day, we honor the Earth element, grounding ourselves in the essence of our planet. Dig a small hole, write down a wish, intention, or prayer and place within, and gently feed it into the Earth.

Craft a wreath using natural materials found around you, symbolizing the cycle of rebirth and growth. It's a time to connect with the earth beneath your feet and embrace the essence of renewal.

Day 2: Air Element (22nd December)

Embrace the Air element on Day 2 as you fill your space with the breath of life. Make dried orange slices to adorn your surroundings, and let the melody of music fill the air.

Hang ribbons and paper snowflakes, sending love not just to yourself but also to your family and the collective.

Make your way to the highest point in your area, take deep breaths, and let the universal wisdom flow through you.

Day 3: Fire Element (23rd December)

Day 3 is all about the Fire element, a source of transformation and release.

You can create a fire pit or even use a candle, depending on what's possible for you. Take time to confront your fears, explore what arises when fear takes hold, and then let it go into the fire.

Allow the element of fire to assist in the transformation of these fears, freeing yourself from their grip.

Day 4: Water Element (24th December)

Day 4 celebrates the Water element, the elixir of life. Find a beautiful water source to connect with, whether it's a serene lake, a flowing river, or the meditative embrace of a bath.

Visualize the myriad forms that water takes on our planet, nourishing and sustaining life.

To cozy up, you can prepare a warm, spiced drink like mulled wine to share with loved ones.

Day 5: Ether Element (25th December)

The final day is a time for embracing the Ether element, a space where all elements converge and unite. Today, we feast, savoring the preparations of blessings, and creating moments of magic.

And, of course, it's a perfect day to cuddle up with a cup of cacao. As you welcome your loved ones, both those who are alive and those who exist in spirit, it's a time to reflect on the teachings of the elements and bask in the presence of love and wisdom that surrounds us. (Learn more about cacao in our woman medicine magazine)

Hope you enjoy, remember you can find all this information and more in our free woman medicine magazine



Next event: 17th December 8am PST - Authentic Expression

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