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Reclaiming Childbirth
A Rite of Passage

Podcast Content

  • Herstory of childbirth

  • Key elements of childbirth as a rite of passage

  • All births are a rite of passage

  • Exploration of the physiology of birth

  • Birth perceived as a medical emergency

  • Feeling safe in your birth space

  • Holding space for uncomfortable conversations

  • Making informed decisions

  • Surrendering to the body

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Guest: Rachel Dahn

What is...
What is conscious conception

Hi, I am  Rachel!

Legacy is not just a small business, it is my dream. It  was born out of a passion to help and protect mommas and the next generation of kiddos.

I have been on a long (and personal) journey where I have learned that the healthcare system and the scientific data can be far apart and there is a large difference between what we know and what is being taught. It can take 10-20 years from the time the data has been collected to the data being implemented in your doctors office. It is my mission to close this gap and connect mommas with the information they want and need.

Legacy was built from the ground up on a moral code deeply rooted in trust. Legacy focuses on transparency and open communication to cultivate healthy and strong client relationships.

When to start preparing to conceive?
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What is a Mother's Blessing?

A Blessing Way is a traditional Native American Ceremony which originated with the Navajo People. You will commonly hear this ceremony referred to as a “Mother’s Blessing". I prefer this as I have no connection to the Native American ancestry.

Key points:

  • Focuses is on the mum not baby

  • No unneeded and wanted gifts 

  • No awkward moments of opening gift or playing pin the dummy on the baby

  • Deeper connections and bonds made

  • Mother is pampered

  • Stories are shared

  • Heart centered celebration

  • Welcoming the mother into her community in her new role

​​How to prepare for your Mother's Blessing

  • Visualising and planning the ceremony​

  • Sending out the invites or evites

  • Preparing the space

  • Activities 

  • Nourishing Feast

  • Closing ceremony

Planning your ceremony

A ceremony is unique to the mother. Create the ceremony with the mother in the center and co-create a ceremony that will nourish her soul. Visualise what the ceremony will look, feel, smell and taste like, with the mothers needs and desires as the focal point.


It seems obvious but how many times have you been to a celebration and there is a little awkwardness or unease? 

Sending out the invites or evites

This is  a great time to connect to your tribe. Who do you trust have your best interests at heart? Who do you feel will nourish and support you through your transition? During the Rite of Passage into motherhood,  the mother goes into the depths of herself and receives downloads which will not only support and heal her but her community too. We are woven together and what affects one member of the tribe affects another. 

If the mothers feels obliged to invite certain people, check in with that. Maybe their are energetic cords to be cleaned so the truth within this relationship can be seen. This is a very vulnerable time for a woman as she prepares to expand to be the portal for a new human life.

The mother can offer the role of host to a trusted friend so all RSVP and questions go through her.

On the invite share:

  • The history and purpose of a  mother's blessings 

  • The layout of the day

  • What to bring (food, poems, flowers etc)

  • Dress or colour code

  • The hosts details

It may be that people love the mother deeply but do not feel comfortable with the expectations of the ceremony or  cannot attend for whatever reason. Is there a way this person would like to contribute in another way?  Would they like to help prepare the space or is there an offering they would like to give?  

It can be hard to understand peoples reasons for doing things, or not doing things. If this person is dear to the mother, it's important to not exile them but be creative to how they can be involved.

Preparing the space


Cleanse and energise your chosen location with love and intention. Here are some ideas to help you prepare your sacred space:


  • Start with cleaning and clearing the space with non toxic products. 

  • Prepare alters to honor the land, ancestors and the mother

  • Create a focal point where everyone will gather around (use flowers, non toxic candles, crystal etc)

  • Burn a dried herb which you connected with and walk though the space 

  • Meditate in the space to fill it with your love and hopes for the ceremony

  • Play gentle ambient music

Opening Ceremony

Opening the circle honors the journey of the mother and all who will walk it with her. This is a time for people to connect, see each others faces, feel each others spirit and pay deep respect for each person holding space for this beautiful mothers.

Here are some ideas:

  • Welcome the tribe into the space

  • Opening circle prayer or poem, giving thanks to the land, ancestors, tribe, mother and baby

  • Tying of a red thread around each persons wrist (we chat about this in the episode)

  • Drumming or singing

Activity Ideas

  • Flower Mandala. Create a mandala together, a flower is placed with a slice of wisdom for the mother

  • Card reading

  • Foot bath

  • Belly painting (I used cacao paste)

  • Belly dancing

  • Poem, stories

  • Drumming songs

  • Bracelet / candle to light or cut when mother is in labor

  • Making a playlist together

  • Creating a meal train

  • Create birthing flags

  • Don't forget the photo

Nourishing Feast

Food is medicine and medicine is food. Invite guest to contribute to the feast, this is a beautiful way for people to feel part of the creation and they get a chance to be creative! This also opens a doorway to introduce the meal train. This is when each person gifts the mother a highly nutrient dense and warm meal in postpartum, salads not welcome!

On the invite you could share the mothers likes and dislikes and add a link to meal inspiration or books that share nutrient dense meals for healing mothers. 

Closing the ceremony

Let this be a time to wind down and to integrate the experience had as a tribe. Playing soft music, or beating  drum. Finally, all hold hands and breathe together.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this inspired you!

If you have any other ideas please share.


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