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The Education and Nourishment the Younger Self Yearned For

21-week LIVE journey

Starting Jan 2025

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21 Week Journey (Live)

I designed this course for exploration from the root to the crown. Lives will be recorded and available for 2 months after the journey ends. 

$1000 payment plans will be available and discount will be offered for members of the women's circle - join the waiting list for more information

Week One: Honoring Our Lineage

Delving into ancestral honor, pre-birth experiences, and the influence of epigenetics on our health and well-being.


Week Two: Relationship with Our Body

Exploring the significance of menarche, sisterhood, and examining family dynamics and body image.


Week Three: Pelvic Mapping

Understanding the pelvic structure, muscles, and tendons, and engaging in somatic practices for pelvic awareness.


Week Four: Embracing Our Sexual Energy

Exploring our relationship with sexual energy, beliefs around relationships, and connecting to the root of desire.


Week Five: Anatomy and Physiology of Female Sex Organs

Understanding the female reproductive system, with a focus on the cervix and its role in sexual health.


Week Six: Exploring the Menstrual Cycle

Understanding the hormonal cycle and fertility awareness methods for tracking the menstrual cycle.


Week Seven: Exploring the Effects of Hormonal Contraception

Understanding hormonal contraception and its effects, as well as considerations for coming off hormonal birth control.


Week Eight: Menstrual Cycle Awareness Practice

Incorporating herbal remedies, nutrition, movement, emotions, and rest practices for menstrual cycle awareness.


Week Nine: Menstrual Blood—A Sacred Offering to the Earth

Exploring the significance of menstrual blood, ways to honor the menstrual cycle, and giving back to the earth.


Week Ten: Understanding Hormonal Imbalance

Examining the hormone pyramid and understanding how hormonal imbalances can affect our health.


Week Eleven: Orgasm and Pleasure

Exploring the physiology, mental, and emotional aspects of orgasm and pleasure.


Week Twelve: Womb Practices

Addressing common issues related to the womb and exploring the practice of yoni steaming.


Week Thirteen: Nourishment Within Community

Emphasizing the importance of community, conscious communication, and navigating different life stages.


Week Fourteen: Courageous Self and Reducing Stress

Exploring techniques for tuning into our authentic selves, managing stress, and understanding the effects of stress on the body.


Week Fifteen: Liver Cleansing and Castor Oil Packs

Introducing practices for liver cleansing and the use of castor oil packs for health benefits.


Week Sixteen: Breathing Practices

Exploring breathing practices to improve oxygenation, enhance exhaling, and promote overall well-being.


Week Seventeen: Thymus and Heart-Womb Connection

Understanding the role of the thymus gland and exploring the connection between the heart and womb.


Week Eighteen: Thyroid Health

Examining signs and effects of thyroid issues and practicing speaking truth to support thyroid health.


Week Nineteen: Sleep and Rest for Pituitary Health

Emphasizing the importance of sleep and rest for pituitary health and overall well-being.


Week Twenty: Awareness and Presence

Exploring the impact of social media on self-worth and promoting awareness and presence in daily life.


Week Twenty-One: Welcoming Soul Home After Trauma

Facilitating the integration of trauma, finding one's own path, and integration time for life Rites of Passages.​

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