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Discover lots of complimentary gifts! I also host one monthly free live gathering, don't miss a thing through our app. If you're looking for more body literacy, somatic healing practices, and inner child work join our membership today.

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Woman Medicine Magazine

A monthly magazine filled with ritual ideas to honor the month's energies, the moon, recipes, tea blends, hot topics for awakening, and womb nourishment.

Monthly Live Gathering

Join us via Zoom to share a nourishing practice together and have an opportunity to meet incredible women and share your story.


Mental Wellness Summit

Over five days, immerse yourself in enriching sessions featuring expert speakers on topics like nutrition, herbs, meditation, energy healing, breathwork, hypnosis, and gut microbiome.

Join the Community

Join the app to get reminders of free gifts and upcoming events.

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Energy Healing Workshop

This is a practice from - In this 20 minute workshop you we learn everything you need to get started.

Energy Healing Practice:

Energy Healing Practice:

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